Life With A Little Monster

A day in the life of me. A now mum of two. Our triumphs, failures, dramas and adventures

Helping Your First Born Adjust To A New Baby

A new little one arriving into your home can be a challenging time for your first-born. They have been the only child in the household for their entire lives, and all your attention has been on them. But soon there... Continue Reading →

Stress Free Guide To Potty Training

Toilet training is a necessity. I right of passage some may say. A part of growing up. It is something that all children will need to learn at some stage and all children are different. Some will toilet train early... Continue Reading →

A letter to my children

My Dearest Darlings Before you were born I had no idea how empty my life was. I believed I had it all, never felt that anything was missing. But looking back my life was not complete, my heart had a... Continue Reading →

How to stay sane as a stay at home mum…

I am fortunate enough to be able to be a stay at home mum and spend every day with my little ones. I absolutely love being a mum don't get me wrong but it's hard at times when your only... Continue Reading →

Must have baby buys

Second time round you think you have everything you need for baby number 2 but that wasn't the case for me...either the product had been damaged and needed replacing or I didn't have what I needed. The cot and crib... Continue Reading →

Preparing for a Birthday

It is hard to believe that my little monster will be 3 in a matter of weeks. I honestly couldn't tell you where the weeks, months and years have gone. This year we decided quite early on that T was... Continue Reading →

Morning routine…

"The secret to your future is hidden in routine and planning" With a toddler and a new born baby routine is the only way I have time to get everything done. My day usually starts early but with good reason...... Continue Reading →

Things have changed…

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balances smaller, your home happier, cloths dirtier and the future worth living for..." I have been very quiet here on my 'Life With A Little Monster' Blog recently but... Continue Reading →

Sleep? What does that mean?

We all know that kids don't sleep. But eventually they all get into a routine and begin to sleep through the night and parents get their sleep back. But when? The final months of pregnancy you don't tend to get... Continue Reading →

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